Pigments Checker


Another really useful conservation tool from Cultural Heritage Science Open Source, following on from the Multispectral Imaging for Art initiative, is their Pigments Checker for historical pigments. It has 54 swatches of historical pigments designed for infrared photography, ultraviolet photography and other technical photographic methods for art examination.  The checker includes an interactive table which immediately [...]

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Alloue Revisited


My final project of the summer has been another phase of work on the private domestic wall painting in the Charente, which I have been involved with for several years, see Domestic Wall Painting Alloue, France. It is an 18th century hunting scene, in the naive style.  The medium is oil on plaster, and [...]

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Tutankhamun: Tomb Reconstruction


Further to the earlier posts on visual interpretations: Bamiyan Buddhas, and Virtual Restoration, as well as the recent news coverage about the tomb, a piece about the reconstruction of the Tomb of Tutankhamun seems apposite. This project was started in 2009, and is now complete, with the facsimile of the tomb reconstructed next to [...]

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Northampton Museum Sekhemka


While not exactly about conservation, the case of the Northampton museum Sekhemka, sold amid outrage at auction last year, which lead to the barring of the museum from the Museum's Association membership, the loss of  its Arts Council accreditation, and therefore access to public funding, raises many points about both the ethics and duties of [...]

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More Analysis For Pigments


As well as the non invasive analytical methods already mentioned in this blog (Non Invasive Diagnostics for Paintings) when appropriate, and where traditional sampling can be undertaken, pigment identification through polarized light microscopy  is a particularly helpful as a quick and precise way to analyse the pigments present in a painting or polychrome object.  It [...]

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Non Invasive Diagnostics For Paintings


This summer I attended an excellent two week lab workshop run by Simone Caglio, a specialist in analysis and non invasive diagnostics for art work.  The course was held at the laboratories of Open Care in Milan - and covered imaging techniques from infrared reflectography,  UV, and false colour analysis as well as the theory [...]

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Sibleys Wall Paintings


This was a project in summer 2015 to stabilise areas of surviving domestic wall painting in a late medieval private house in East Anglia. The areas of wall painting treated were upstairs, and were thought to date from the early 17th century. The scheme was painted to imitate brightly coloured paneling covering the plaster [...]

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Beauty: Conservation and Reconstruction


The Defining Beauty: The Body in Ancient Greece exhibition at the British Museum contained many beautiful pieces.  Two of the most striking also stood out as having interesting stories, which related to the application of research, conservation and restoration.  One was the Munich Doryphoros (pictured above) which is actually a bronze reconstruction of Polyclitus' lost [...]

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Technology and Egyptian Greens


Further to the project to create an affordable system of multispectral imaging available to all conservators mentioned here previously, Multispectral Imaging for Art, I came across this very good presentation of a paper on ASORtv, by Caroline Roberts. It discusses the way that these technologies were used to identify different greens found in late and [...]

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Brave New World


To continue the theme of disappearing 20th century social art, see also Vanishing Visions of Utopia, in the last few years I have worked on three covered-over post-war British paintings.  All were painted in the spirit of the Festival of Britain and the new, hopeful, post-war world, and all covered over in the 1970s; by [...]

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