Doom, Medieval paintings and Shakespeare at the Guild Chapel Stratford

This autumn I have been involved in the wall paintings conservation project in the historic Stratford on Avon Guild Chapel for the Perry Lithgow Partnership.  This follows on from the project at the adjoining Guildhall earlier this year and is linked to the 400 year anniversary of Shakespeare's death. The chapel - a rare [...]

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Wall Painting Conservation for Shakespeare’s Anniversary

As part of the 400 year anniversary events to mark Shakespeare's death, a major conservation and restoration project has been on going in the 15th century Guildhall in Stratford on Avon, with the restored building to open as a public attraction to coincide with the anniversary.  More about the building and project is available here: [...]

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Conservation of a Medieval Angel Gabriel

Having just been writing about the conservation of a 1940s Annunciation, Award Win For Lost Wall Paintings ,  I was reminded of a conservation project, for Tobit Curteis Associates, a couple of years ago on a 14th century figure of the angel Gabriel at St Mary's Church, Ickworth in Suffolk. The Ickworth painting would [...]

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Award Win For Lost Wall Paintings

The conservation project for Tobit Curties Associates, undertaken in late 2014, at St Martin's Church Bilborough, on the damaged and partially lost 1940s Evelyn Gibbs wall paintings, has won the 2015 SPAB John Betjeman Award.  A little article from the Institute of Conservation website about it is below: DSPAB Award Winners While here is my [...]

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Ellys Manor House Wall Paintings

This was a conservation project in summer 2015, focusing on the stabilisation and uncovering of c16th wall paintings in Ellys Manor House in Lincolnshire. The upper floors of the former merchant's house are extensively decorated with early c16th domestic wall paintings.  The effect of the decoration appears designed to suggest to the viewer that [...]

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Brave New World

To continue the theme of disappearing 20th century social art, see also Vanishing Visions of Utopia, in the last few years I have worked on three covered-over post-war British paintings.  All were painted in the spirit of the Festival of Britain and the new, hopeful, post-war world, and all covered over in the 1970s; by [...]

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In Search of a Doom

This was a project in spring 2015 for the Perry Lithgow Partnership, conserving an extremely fragmentary late 15th or early 16th century doom painting in South Newington church, Oxfordshire. The painting depicts the Last Judgement, typically found, as in this case, in medieval churches above the chancel arch.  This painting was multilayered, and very [...]

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Reinstating a 1940s Wall Painting

This was a project in the summer 2014 with Tobit Curteis Associates on the conservation on the upper part of a painting from the 1940s. It was part of a larger project to preserve and reinstate the medieval church of St Martin's in Bilborough, Nottingham. The painting, an Annunciation with the figures of Mary [...]

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