Conservation of C16th Painted Panelling at Magdalen College, Oxford.

I have just completed a phase of conservation work at Magdalen College Oxford’s historic Dining Hall. I was asked to undertake the conservation treatment of three historically fascinating areas of C16th carved and painted panelling set within the wooden linenfold panelling which lines the Hall’s walls. These areas of polychrome carvings depict a range [...]

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Pigments Checker

Another really useful conservation tool from Cultural Heritage Science Open Source, following on from the Multispectral Imaging for Art initiative, is their Pigments Checker for historical pigments. It has 54 swatches of historical pigments designed for infrared photography, ultraviolet photography and other technical photographic methods for art examination.  The checker includes an interactive table which immediately [...]

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More Analysis For Pigments

As well as the non invasive analytical methods already mentioned in this blog (Non Invasive Diagnostics for Paintings) when appropriate, and where traditional sampling can be undertaken, pigment identification through polarized light microscopy  is a particularly helpful as a quick and precise way to analyse the pigments present in a painting or polychrome object.  It [...]

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Technology and Egyptian Greens

Further to the project to create an affordable system of multispectral imaging available to all conservators mentioned here previously, Multispectral Imaging for Art, I came across this very good presentation of a paper on ASORtv, by Caroline Roberts. It discusses the way that these technologies were used to identify different greens found in late and [...]

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