Culture in Crisis and Digital Reproduction at the V&A

While following the issue of digital documentation, reproduction and in particular its use to record at risk cultural heritage I was very interested to attend a conference and workshop event at the V&A in early December, which discussed the uses of digital reproduction in heritage protection.  The workshop was part of the museum's Culture in [...]

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Reconstruction or Ruin: Conserving Destroyed Heritage

Having been linking articles and writing on the subject of virtual reconstruction,  replicas, and 3D digital recording on this blog, this recent article from The Art Newspaper by Robert Bevan, author of The Destruction of Memory, seems important to include.  It puts these various elements together and very eloquently debates the issues [...]

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3D Replica and the Search for the Tomb of Nefertiti

The search for a hidden tomb behind a wall of Tutankhamun's burial chamber: Tutankhamun's Tomb: Evidence Grows for Hidden Chamber, last week resulted in the announcement by Egypt's antiquities minister Mamdouh Eldamaty that there is an 'approximately 90 percent' chance that there is 'another chamber, another tomb' behind the burial chamber. The group carrying out [...]

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Tutankhamun: Tomb Reconstruction

Further to the earlier posts on visual interpretations: Bamiyan Buddhas, and Virtual Restoration, as well as the recent news coverage about the tomb, a piece about the reconstruction of the Tomb of Tutankhamun seems apposite. This project was started in 2009, and is now complete, with the facsimile of the tomb reconstructed next to [...]

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Virtual Restoration

I came across these articles when I was interested in finding out more about the 'restoration' of Rothko wall paintings, now on display at Harvard Museum Gallery, which was carried out entirely by using light.  This restoration was totally non-invasive; the appearance of faded and fugitive pigments (the paintings contained a lot of the light-sensitive [...]

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